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In a world marked by division, the looming specter of protracted and emerging conflicts, and recognizing the challenging landscape where geopolitical dynamics often hinder international cooperation and multilateral approaches, we, the participants of the GWL Voices Dialogue, come together to endorse the following Pledge:


Affirm that women’s perspectives and leadership are indispensable in addressing global challenges, including inequalities, the climate crisis, conflict, new technologies, and economic justice.


Recognize the pivotal role women play in reshaping the geopolitical landscape and commit to championing their involvement in decision-making processes to trigger a seismic shift in global dynamics characterized by unity, diversity, collaboration, and a shared commitment to building an inclusive and peaceful world.


Embrace an intersectional approach to women’s rights, acknowledging the diverse experiences and challenges faced by women worldwide. Commit to addressing systemic inequalities, cultural norms, access to quality education, and violence that hinder women’s full participation in public life.


Recognize the urgency for achieving greater gender parity and inclusion in diplomatic, political, and multilateral roles. Pledge to dismantle structural barriers and implement policies that enhance women’s representation and influence within the international system.


Commit to fostering intergenerational collaboration, bridging the wisdom of experienced leaders with the innovative ideas and perspectives of young women. Recognize the power of this collaboration as a force for lasting and profound change.


Take a proactive stance against gender-based violence. Pledge to support innovative solutions and strategies encompassing prevention, survivor support, legal and policy reforms, and community engagement. Strive for a world free from all forms of violence and discrimination against women.


Commit to collaborative efforts led by women leaders in resolving conflicts and achieving durable peace. Recognize that women’s experiences and perspectives are instrumental in addressing the root causes of conflict and building inclusive solutions that promote stability and enduring peace on the global stage.


Commit to actively engage in reforming the international financial system through a women’s rights lens, to redefine the rules of global finance while recognizing and addressing gender disparities and power imbalances.


Work to make Climate Change commitments a reality with a women-centric perspective, promoting climate action that focuses on women’s experiences, needs, and leadership while recognizing that achieving climate justice and sustainability is inseparable from achieving gender equality and women’s empowerment.


Acknowledge the profound impact of new technologies and artificial intelligence on women’s rights and empowerment. Pledge to evaluate, address, and provide solutions to challenges such as algorithmic bias and the digital gender divide. Strive to harness technology as a catalyst for positive change and gender equality.


Recognize the strength and influence of women’s networks and alliances. Commit to reinforcing these connections to amplify women’s voices globally, fostering solidarity, and creating a united front to address challenges that transcend borders.


Encourage the use of culture, dialogue, and collaboration as essential tools for resolving conflicts and building peaceful relationships between nations.


Affirm our support for international institutions, including the United Nations, and UN Women as the lead agency for gender equality and the rights for women and girls, and commit to strengthening their capacities to effectively address global challenges. Advocate for reforms that place women and girls at the center, ensuring their active engagement in the process.

As participants in the GWL Dialogue, we are committed to transforming these pledges into a concrete Call to Action in the following specific themes:

  1. Actively engage in and support the initiative that promotes the rotation between a man and a woman for the Presidency of the UN General Assembly as a way to show the United Nations as a role model for the world while celebrating its 80th anniversary.
  2. Actively engage in and support the global movement advocating for a female United Nations Secretary-General after 80 years of history, under the banner “Madam Secretary General.”
  3. Contribute to the 2024 “Summit of the Future” to ensure that the resulting “Pact for the Future” provides clear guidance and commitment for a retooled multilateral architecture that enhances gender equality, women’s rights, and social justice, and is better equipped to respond to the challenges of today’s world.
  4. Strive for a successful commemoration of Beijing+30, to reaffirm and amplify the commitments outlined in the Beijing Agenda and Platform for Action.

Lastly, we wish to emphasize our ongoing and profound concern regarding the insufficient progress in the execution of Security Council Resolution 1325. As active members of GWL Voices, we are committed to further deliberations aimed at formulating a concrete proposal to invigorate the Women in Peace and Security agenda.

In subscribing this Call to Action, we commit to working towards surmounting the obstacles of a divided world, working collaboratively to reshape geopolitics and foster multilateral solutions, putting women and girls at the center, to build a future marked by unity, cooperation, and enduring peace.