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Women's Turn to Reshape the Future

GWL Voices 2024 Dialogue, Madrid, Spain. Find out more clicking here.


Rotation for Equality and Madame Secretary-General

Rotating between male and female candidates for the UNGA Presidency as well as having the first Madam Secretary-General is crucial for gender equality. Therefore, the regional rotation concept inspires GWL Voices’ Rotation for Equality campaign. Find out more clicking here.


Her Turn

In 2020, GWL Voices established its inter-generational flagship initiative that fosters academic engagement, intergenerational dialogues, research, and knowledge exchange between GWL Voices’ members and the next generation of women leaders. Find out more clicking here.


Women in Multilateralism

Women in Multilateralism (WIM) provides a unique view into the gender composition of the world's most important multilateral organizations. Discover our latest report in Arab, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish.