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This panel was moderated by Fatima Zaman, who spoke to a group of influential women who have held positions in foreign policy and multilateral institutions. The respondents offered incredible substance and insight on what they believe are the key ways to promote gender equality, especially having witnessed the setbacks personally in their professional environments. The panelists also pushed for the younger generation to fight for the cause as they’re the voices of the future and a symbol of action for achieving gender parity. 

This event marks the significance of partnership for fighting for gender equality. The collaboration between GWL Voices for Change and Inclusion and WPL proved symbolic for collective action and implementation. The panel covered the significance of the Generation Equality Forum in upholding the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, especially in relation to SDG Five. At a time of regression for democratic norms and a rise in authoritarian regimes, isolationist policies have threatened the multilateral system – in turn threatening progress for achieving gender parity. 

The respondents provided great feedback to counter these norms, pressure governments, and create action. One of the key moments for advocacy regarded foreign policy and women’s representation. To better influence foreign policy, then this will involve the “three R’s,” which are: “rights,” “representation,” and “resources.” Additionally, there was a push for the younger generation to raise their voices and keep the fight to sustain a foothold in leadership roles and multilateral positions. Though progress remains stagnant, it will take the younger generation to continue the battle within the education sector, the healthcare industry, and the government to promote a universal change in gender parity. 

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Moderated by:

  • Fatima Zaman: Advocate at the Kofi Annan Foundation. 


  • Susana Malcorra: Dean of IE School of Public and Global Affairs; Former Under-Secretary General at the United Nations. 
  • Irina Bokova: Former Director-General of UNESCO. 
  • Noeleen Heyzer: First Executive Director of UNIFEM from the South. 
  • Margot Wallstrom: Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sweden. 
  • Jewel H. Taylor: WPL Board Member; #Girl2Leader Patron for Africa; Vice-President and President of the Senate for Liberia.
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