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Coalition for the UN We Need , Engaging Latin America and the Caribbean

By August 10, 2021April 20th, 2022No Comments

T his webinar was hosted by the Coalition for the UN We Need and featured prominent speakers who discussed the importance of multilateralism during an unprecedented period. The panel focused predominantly on integrating Latin America and the Caribbean to partake in greater multilateral efforts and coalitions to become more involved on the global stage and to gain the resources needed to inoculate their populations. 

The webinar kicked off with speakers from the Coalition for the UN We Need. The organization is dedicated to transforming systematics within the United Nations by promoting people-centered multilateralism in combination with civil society groups and governments. The recent 75th anniversary of the United Nations created a promising opportunity to enhance these initiatives and to strengthen the legal and institutional machinery within the UN system. To follow up, Former UN President of the 73rd General Assembly, Maria Fernanda Espinosa, emphasized the importance of bringing Latin American countries into the multilateral system to address both economic and health inequalities. She further delved into the areas in which both Latin America and the Caribbean have been neglected on economic and institutional levels and how covid-19 has magnified these disparities. 

Furthermore, attendants of the event engaged in discussion to offer their thoughts on what they believe are the most important ways to promote the voices of Latin American and Caribbean countries, along with what they hope to see from the United Nations in the future. The two areas were heavily intertwined as many respondents stated that they wanted to see greater representation from leaders of Latin American and Caribbean countries in the United Nations. Respondents emphasized that elevating these voices will prove efficient in gaining traction on wealth inequality and vaccine distribution in both regions. 

Moderated by: 

  • Philipp Schonrock: Director of Cepei. 


  • Maria Fernanda Espinosa: President of the 73rd UN General Assembly and GWL Voices member
  • Maria Elena Aguero: Secretary General of Club de Madrid and GWL Voices member
  • Lorena Aguilar: Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Costa Rica 
  • Jeffery Huffines: Senior Advisor for Coalition for the UN we Need