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In this segment, Former UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, and representative of GWL: Voices for Change and Inclusion, Angela Kane, had a discussion with a group of students on promoting gender equality. The students offered insightful comments on vital ways to promote gender equality and also discussed forms of discrimination against women that often go unnoticed in public dialogue and news coverage. The dialogue consisted of both English and Spanish speakers to provide a multi-perspective and multi-linguistic discussion. 

This intergenerational dialogue began with a brief introduction from Angela Kane, where she provided a quick background on the Generational Equality Forum. Kane mentioned that nearly 50% of the Mexico Forum comprised of people who were aged thirty-four and younger, highlighting that a mixed age audience is being generated in discussion on gender equality.  

Furthermore, Kane asked the candidates the themes that they were interested in with regard to gender – which ranged from gender-based violence to including women in coalitions against climate change. Additionally, one of the students mentioned that sexual harassment and gender-based violence is prevalent in the US military (a fact that often fails to receive coverage). This is an issue that must entail security for women in all areas, and especially when serving in the military. Additionally, students brought up that gender issues often get cast aside until public outrage generates action within legislation. The panelists emphasized that this should not be the case and that legislation must be taken in all forms to combat gender-based violence and discrimination. 

Moderated by: 

Angela Kane: Former UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, GWL Voices member.  


  • Jennifer Rodriguez: Student at Dr. Jose Matias Delgado University 
  • Lindah Nelimah: Student at University of Peace
  • Jennifer Grosman Fernandez: Student at Georgetown University
  • Ashley Anderson: Student at Wellesley College
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