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The GWL Voices Dialogue convened over 240 participants, including representatives from key partner institutions, ambassadors, academics, civil society members, and special representatives from several governments supporting the Rotation for Equality at the UNPGA. Additionally, 15 students participated in the Her Turn intergenerational initiative, amplifying young voices.

A concrete Call to Action was established with five key points:


Rotation for Equality

Actively engage in and support the initiative that promotes the rotation between a man and a woman for the Presidency of the UN General Assembly as a way to show the United Nations as a role model for the world while celebrating its 80th anniversary.

During the GWL Voices Dialogue, the President of Spain declared again his support for the Rotation for Equality campaign, and two new countries joined the list: Mexico and Uruguay.


Madam Secretary-General

Actively engage in and support the global movement advocating for a female United Nations Secretary-General after 80 years of history, under the banner “Madam Secretary General.


Pact for the Future

Contribute to the 2024 “Summit of the Future” to ensure that the resulting “Pact for the Future” provides clear guidance and commitment for a retooled multilateral architecture that enhances gender equality, women’s rights, and social justice, and is better equipped to respond to the challenges of today’s world.



Strive for a successful commemoration of Beijing+30, to reaffirm and amplify the commitments outlined in the Beijing Agenda and Platform for Action.


Women in Peace and Security

Lastly, we wish to emphasize our ongoing and profound concern regarding the insufficient progress in the execution of Security Council Resolution 1325. As active members of GWL Voices, we are committed to further deliberations aimed at formulating a concrete proposal to invigorate the Women in Peace and Security agenda.