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The #GlobalFuturesForum (20-22 March 2023) is a key moment for civil society to gather and galvanise action ahead of the United Nations Summit of the Future.
María Fernanda Espinosa Garcés, Co-Chair of Coalition for the UN We Need (C4UNWN) and Executive Director of GWL Voices  spoke about the United Nations we need :

 “Amazing energy as we kick start the #GlobalFuturesForum in NY & online today! 2.100+ participants. Thank you for your thoughtful and encouraging opening statements
#GFF2023 will deliberate of the UN #SDG Summit and the Summit of the Future”

Global Futures Forum was a vibrant, enriching and with creative ideas and proposals to reinvent the United Nations with regional panels and intergenerational events. With 7 thematic tracks, outcome documents will follow soon!
The end of Global Futures Forum is the beginning of the long road to the 2024 Summit of the Future. Member states will consider ways to lay the foundation for more effective global cooperation to deal with today’s challenges and new future threats.
The beginning of a long and exciting journey! Stay Engaged!

Join the discussion on Human Rights, SDGs, climate governance, peace and security, Our Common Agenda and more : #GFF2023 #GlobalFuturesForum