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The Our Common Agenda report is a comprehensive policy framework adopted by the United Nations which overall aims to promote gender equality and the empowerment of women as essential for achieving a more just and peaceful world. The main objectives related to promoting the gender equality agenda are the following:

  1. Advance the rights of women and girls: The report aims to promote and protect the rights of women and girls, including their right to education, health, and equality before the law.
  2. Promote gender equality: The report aims to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women and girls, and to ensure that men and women have equal opportunities in all spheres of life.
  3. Empower women and girls: The report aims to strengthen the leadership and political participation of women, as well as their economic empowerment.
  4. Enhance the well-being of women and girls: The report aims to improve the health, safety, and well-being of women and girls, including by addressing issues such as violence against women and reproductive health.
  5. Enhance the role of women in peace and security: The report aims to increase the participation and leadership of women in peace and security processes, including in conflict prevention, resolution, and reconstruction.

GWL Voices for Change and Inclusion, in partnership with the Coalition for the UN We Need, has launched a call for policy briefs focused on the feminist perspective in the “Our Common Agenda” report. This document provides commentary on the submissions received in relation to the stated objectives.

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