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Exciting news from the 69th UN Civil Society Conference (UNCSC 69). For the first time in history, this gathering takes place in the global south and in Africa, sparking high hopes for a diverse and impactful exchange of ideas. GWL Voices is at the forefront, championing the vital role of women’s rights and gender equality in shaping the future.

Our goals are clear:

1. Uphold women’s rights and gender equality across all chapters of the Pact of the Future. We’re committed to ensuring that these fundamental principles remain central to every aspect of the discussion.

2. Put women and girls at the heart of the conversation on future generations and the digital era. From bridging the gender digital divide to enhancing young women’s participation in decision-making, we’re pushing for meaningful inclusion.

3. Advocate for equal representation of women in crafting the Pact of the Future. Our report, “Women in Multilateralism,” underscores the importance of women’s voices in shaping global agendas.

Follow our steps in Nairobi: 

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The Road from the Summit of the Future to Beijing+30 and beyond

At the 2024 United Nations Civil Society Conference in Nairobi on May 9th, GWL Voices member, Amina Mohamed, will be actively participating in this pivotal workshop. Organized jointly by the Coalition for the UN We Need (C4UN), GWL Voices, NGO Committee on the Status of Women New York, UN Women, and Women’s Major Group, serves as a crucial platform for civil society to engage in discussions on advancing gender equality and women’s rights. By strengthening linkages between the Summit of the Future and Beijing+30, the workshop aims to reinforce accountability and re-commitment to normative standards and practices. Through interactive sessions and group-work exercises, participants will develop a mobilization framework and action plan to drive progress from Nairobi to the Summit of the Future and beyond. With Amina Mohamed’s participation, GWL Voices members will play a key role in shaping the dialogue and advocating for meaningful change towards gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Follow all events in Nairobi through UN's webcast

UN Civil Society Conference Workshop Event

On May 9th, 2024, from 10am-2:15pm in Nairobi, Kenya, GWL Voices Executive Director María Fernanda Espinosa will participate in a session on updating international governance for a just transition. Hosted by multiple organizations, the workshop aims to prioritize environmental concerns in the Summit of the Future and discuss transitioning to a green Africa, emphasizing equity and community involvement. Civil society’s role in advocating for a just transition will be highlighted, aiming for a sustainable and equitable future. The outcome sought is the establishment of a Climate Just Transition Pact for Africa.

Hosted by: Pan African Climate Justice Alliance, Climate Champions Team
Climate Governance Commission, United Nations University Centre for Policy Research
and Stimson Center/Global Governance Innovation Network


Interactive Dialogue on the 5 Chapters of the Pact for the Future, Declaration on Future Generations, Global Digital Compact and cross-cutting issues

On May, 9, at 15:45. This event provides a platform for multi-stakeholder engagement ahead of the Summit of the Future. GWL Voices Executive Director, María Fernanda Espinosa, will co-moderate the panel with an expected attendance of nearly 2,000 participants from diverse sectors and countries, this conference aims to foster dialogue and collaboration for a more sustainable and equitable future.


Earth Trusteeship: Establishing Representatives for Future Generations

On May 9, at 11:45. This workshop will tackle the vital concepts of Earth Trusteeship and Representatives of Future Generations. Exploring Earth Trusteeship as a framework for managing natural resources sustainably and discuss the need for Representatives of Future Generations in decision-making processes to safeguard their rights. By examining global examples and discussing the role of UN Special Envoys, participants will highlight the importance of these concepts in shaping future agreements like the People’s Pact for the Future.

ImPACT Coalition International Financial Architecture Reform and Financing for Development

On May 10, at 12:30. This event explores the pivotal role of gender equality in shaping global financial reforms. The session discusses the advantages of integrating gender perspectives, the gains of women’s active engagement, strategies for inclusion in financial services, and the vision for a gender-sensitive financial architecture. This dialogue promises to advance inclusive policies and drive progress towards a more equitable and sustainable financial future. GWL Voices member, Amina Mohamed will be representing the organization.

As GWL Voices, we are leading change and driving leadership on multiple fronts. From increasing women’s participation within the UN system to reforming these institutions. 

See you in Nairobi!