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For second year in a row our GWL Voices member Ms Judy Chen Hopkins participated in the Asian Women Leadership Program which was held on November 5th, 2022, with a group of students from Shanghai International Studies University, China; Showa Women’s University, Japan; Sungshin Women’s University, Korea; as part of the GWL Voices “Her Turn” program.

The session was moderated by student Lorraine, who began by reviewing Judy Chen Hopkins’ career and her time in the main UN agencies covering different issues and her work in the field.

In the session Judy Chen Hopkins emphasized that “already the fact of seeing themselves as potential leaders and signing up for the session is a breakthrough, leadership is not purely a matter of DNA, it is important to think about strategy and think about what space you can contribute and push yourself through platforms where you can be heard”.

Answering questions from the students, Judy Chen Hopkins, explained that it is important to evaluate the challenges always taking into account, contexts, cultures, etc.” and on the personal questions from the students she advised “it is important to have a feminist partner to accompany you in the decisions.”