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GWL Voices received the invitation to take part of the first G20 Sherpa Meeting under the presidency of India.
Susana Malcorra, President and co-founder of GWL Voices participated at the opening one of the Side Event Transforming Lives at the Midpoint of the 2030 Agenda: Accelerating Achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in an Era of Cascading and Multiple Crises.
In her speech Susana Malcorra highlighted that
 “Now it’s time to deliver in real terms, making the SDG’s the drivers of all budgetary and policy decisions across all areas and to deliver for their citizens, not leaving anyone behind”.
The president of GWL Voices also highlighted the opportunity presented for
Praise India for prioritising women led development. It is not only a well-intended objective; India has already delivered on this. Initiatives like the direct money transfer to more than 200 million women during the pandemic, the push on rural connectivity and the massive delivery of gas stoves to cook are a proof of the commitment of the Government of India in this regard.” adding thata concrete action of this G20 could be to launch an initiative for a gender equal access to technologies and the digital space. This could have a significant economic impact”.
This means that GWL Voices will be involved in the process throughout the year and, most likely, it will require the participation of GWL Voices member participation in different instances. We are sure our perspective it will the first step of a long career in the G20.