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By Lara Suárez García, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain

It’s funny how simply two days can change your life completely, how a fraction of the time we are to live can make you see the world differently, reshape your ambitions, and strengthen your motivation. It’s incredible how there are people with the capacity to empower you within only a few minutes of conversation. But, after all, they are global women leaders, so what less would you expect?

My name is Lara Suárez García, and I am a 19-year-old Spanish student of a Dual Degree in Law and International Studies at Carlos III University. When I heard about the GWL Voices Dialogue, I was plunged into the frenetic weeks of university finals. With little sleep and even less free time, I would have never imagined that I would end up signing up for an event that would take place two days before my last exam. And even farther away from what my knowledge was back then was the realization of the magnitude of those two days.

It only took placing a foot in that Auditorium at Casa América back on Monday, 22nd of January, to understand how naïve I had been.

The GWL Voices Dialogue: Women’s Turn to Reshape the Future has certainly reshaped my expectations of the future and my understanding of International Relations and the role of Women in them.

Lara Suárez GarcíaUniversidad Carlos III de Madrid

Having lost track of how many times since then I have named the event or remembered the words of one of the incredible women to form my arguments, I still feel like those two days are constantly playing on rewind in my head. The topics discussed haven’t left my side since the 23rd of January, and if they planned on getting the youth more involved, I can bluntly say that, at least in my case, it worked with honors.

The dream of becoming a game-changer in tomorrow’s future has always motivated me to learn new things, speak up, and fight for what I believe is unjust. Nonetheless, a part of me had always thought those dreams were too big, too far from my reach, or too idealistic; I would eventually have to open my eyes to the reality that our future is ruled by the powerful, far away from our control.

But during those two days, the powerful entered the room. And the best part was that they were not only powerful but powerful women. María Fernanda Espinosa, Susana Malcorra, Hillary Clinton, Helen Clark, and Cristina Gallach are names of girls that once dreamt too big.

Lara Suárez GarcíaUniversidad Carlos III de Madrid

The message they conveyed, when discussing the Beijing +30, the role of Women in Politics or the state of the world, among other topics, was one of urgency, but also one of hope. If thirty years from now, commitments for a more equal, sustainable, and just future were possible; it is only up to us to continue the work of the inspiring women who paved the path for us. And it is our responsibility to not take their efforts for granted.

Sadly the stories of such inspiring female examples often get lost in the midst of interest-driven media channels. But their work will not be overlooked any longer. We stand on their shoulders and it is our turn to reshape the future.