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Planning meeting of the Spanish chapter of GWL Voices in Madrid.

On the occasion of Ms. María Fernanda Espinosa’s visit, the group of GWL Voices members met at the Association’s offices in Madrid. The meeting was attended by Ms. González Laya, Ms.  Palacio, Ms. Agüero, Ms. Gallach, Ms. Espinosa and Ms. Malcorra.

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During Ms. Espinosa’s visit to Madrid, on Monday, January 24, a hybrid colloquium was held, organized by the Euroamerica Foundation and IE University, under the title “Latin America and the Caribbean in crisis: What can Europe and the International Community do? ” with the participation of Ms. Espinosa (Former President of the United Nations General Assembly. Former Minister of National Defense of Ecuador. Member of GWL Voices) and Ms. Malcorra (Senior Advisor, IE University and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship of Argentina and GWL Voices co-founder member) moderated by Germán Ríos (Adjunct professor IE University – School of Global and Public Affairs) and Ramón Jauregui (Euroamerica Foundation President).

In the context of Ms. Espinosa’s visit, a meeting of the Spanish chapter members was held on Wednesday, January 26th at the GWL Voices headquarters in the Spanish capital. The meeting was convened by Ms. Susana Malcorra, co-founder of GWL Voices and was attended by GWL Voices Spanish Members. 

The meeting discussed strategic issues related to the actions of the GWL Voices association in Spain and new forms of alliances with other organizations. It is the first face-to-face meeting of the Spanish group since the creation of the Global Women Leaders for Change and Inclusion group, created in 2019, which advocates for multilateralism as a tool to advance women’s rights worldwide. 

In the same week on Thursday 27th, the quarterly virtual meeting was held with the members connected from different parts of the world to address the global strategy of GWL Voices and the coordination of the next actions.