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The Challenges of the Feminist Foreign Policy by Margot Wallström

On the occasion of the visit of GWL Voices member Margot Wallström to Madrid on 18 July,  GWL Voices held an intense day to exchange the main challenges of multilateralism and the state of women’s rights in different spheres of society.

The day began with an informal meeting led by the President of GWL Voices, Susana Malcorra, in honour of the visit of Margot Wallström and with Cristina Gallach as Secretary of the Association, with representatives from the private, institutional, academic and media sectors, the main challenges were addressed and perspectives, data and actions from the different areas of action represented at the breakfast were exchanged.

In the afternoon, the Challenges of Feminist Foreign Policy event took place with the participation of Margot Wallstrom (Former Minister for Foreign Affairs for Sweden. Minister for Nordic Cooperation. First United Nations Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict. Former Vice-President of the European Commission. Member of GWL Voices), Susana Malcorra (Former Minister of Foreign Affairs & Worship , Argentina. Former chief staff of the Secretary General of the United Nations. President of GWL Voices) and Áurea Molto (Executive editor of Política Exterior, the leading Spanish journal in international affairs Moderator ) moderated by Alba Gavaliugov (President and founder of the Spanish Alliance of Model United Nations).

The participants discussed the feminist perspective on the current geopolitical scenario and the impact of a feminist strategy in the field of foreign relations, the implementation of multilateral agreements such as the Beijing Agenda, Resolution 1325 and women’s leadership in times of crisis. The role of women in Peace and Security were discussed as well as the way to sustain the attention on the multiple crises happening in the world at the moment and the implications for women and girls. The event  brought attention to the importance of the implementation of a feminist foreign policy, discuss the current challenges faced by feminist foreign policy and actions to move forward globally.

Here is the complete event :

The real impact of a Feminist Foreign Policy is about, rights, representation, resources:

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