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The Kyung Hee University held a dialogue with GWL Voices for Change and Inclusion representatives, students from the university, and faculty. The discussion went over the segmented labor market, personal cases of gender discrimination, and ways for the United Nations to sustain progress in the realm of gender equality. Furthermore, this event sparked an important moment to provide voices for the youth and then to transform these voices into action. 

This panel began with former UN representatives discussing conventions and agendas that have been implemented in the institution to lead the fight for gender equality. The Commission on the Status of Women in 1946 and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights were referenced as promising initiatives for the women’s agenda. Nonetheless, it has been many years since these documents and intergovernmental bodies were brought forward and we continue to deal with constant barriers to gender equality in all sectors. 

The students of Kyung Hee University brilliantly highlighted these barriers that are placed against women in the workforce. Through a presentation, students displayed statistics on the segmented labor market in South Korea, which undermine women in many spheres of the labor force. The facts displayed that women are more likely to be pushed for lower wage, part-time positions, and are also more likely to end up in the “secondary sector” income bracket. Furthermore, graphs were shown to display that male applicants were preferred in the hiring process and were more likely to receive interviews and advance for the positions. While these discriminant policies have persisted, the work of these brilliant women helps to sustain our fight and will continue to tear down discriminant policies in all forms. 


  • Irina Bokova: Former Director of UNESCO. 
  • Susana Malcorra: Dean at the IE School of Global and Public Affairs; Former Under-Secretary General at the United Nations. 
  • Soyoung Lee: Asia Regional Manager in Microsoft, Korea. 
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