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Women’s Leadership and Women’s Rights

By March 10, 2021November 30th, 2021No Comments

G  WL Voices for Change and Inclusion founder Susana Malcorra sat down with MIA candidate at the IE School of Global and Public Affairs, Morgane Coquille. In this dialogue, Malcorra went over the ways in which the Beijing Declaration must be applied to a new generation of voices and why it is imperative to involve youth perspectives into gender equality. 

Susanna Malcorra started the forum by introducing some of the core objectives of GWL: Voices for Change and Inclusion and what we represent. Malcorra went over our key areas of focus and impact, including domestic violence; helping vulnerable populations; multilateralism post-covid; climate change; food security; women, peace, and security; and women’s economic empowerment. Our founder stressed that these are values that we strive to preserve, with the efforts of 54 powerful women who have been champions for equality. 

In addition, Malcorra went over the importance of the Beijing Declaration in advocating for women’s inclusion, stating emphatically that the principles of the Declaration must now be realigned to include youth perspectives. Malcorra highlighted the importance of academic institutions as a base where future women’s leaders should have their voices elevated to underscore their ideas on accelerating generational equality. Furthermore, Susana referenced her remarkable experience working with women civil society groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to foster the principles set within the Declaration; she later advocated for the use of tracking measures to hold countries stagnating on equal representation accountable for any shortcomings.