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T he United Nations System Staff College hosted a panel, which featured members from GWL Voices for Change and Inclusion and other prominent women who have served in high level positions across the global sphere. The members of the panel offered their insights on working towards equality and gave suggestions for creating solutions on tackling gender disparities. 

During the panel, the moderator asked all members about their personal experiences along with what inspired them to become global leaders in high positions of influence. The respondents came to a mutual consensus on the three main factors that helped shape their journey and what they also believe are important for promoting gender equality: environment, familial and peer support, and education. All speakers provided their opinions on what they believe are the important mechanisms for promoting gender equality and presented data on the current issues regarding gender disparities. 

The fundamental recommendations for promoting gender equality narrowed down to cost, implementation, and unity. There was a common agreement that the fight for equality will be a collective effort and will entail the support of both women and men. In addition, the respondents urged global companies and organizations to step up their priorities for promoting women in positions of power and addressing gender disparities. For execution, the members stated that this will entail tracking and accountability measures to keep organizations, the private sector, and government entities true to their commitments. Tune in for the discussion here: 


  • Maria Fernanda Espinosa, President of the 73rd UN General Assembly, GWL Voices member
  • Susana Malcorra, Dean of the IE School of Public and Global Affairs and former Foreign Minister of Argentina, , GWL Voices founding member
  • Anita Bhatia, Deputy Executive Director for Resource Management, Sustainability and Partnerships
  • Maria Eugenia Brizuela de Avila, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs for El Salvador, GWL Voices member. 
  • Rebeca Grynspan, Ibero-American Secretary General, GWL Voices member 
  • Fatiha Serour, Co-Founder of the Justice Impact Lab and Member of the Africa Group of Justice and Accountability, GWL Voices member 
  • Purnima Mane, Former President and CEO of Pathfinder International, GWL Voices member 
  • Isabel Saint Malo, Former Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Panama, GWL Voices member