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Read the 2024 GWL Voices Call to action here

On January 22nd and 23rd, 2024, the founders and members of GWL Voices will come together in Madrid, Spain, for their inaugural dialogue event, titled “Women’s Turn to Reshape the Future: GWL Voices Dialogue.”  This event serves as an invitation to redefine global narratives on geopolitics and multilateral governance, shifting from a post-war world order to a multipolar, complex international landscape.

In an era marked by unprecedented and interconnected crises, the vital role of women in shaping global geopolitics has gained prominence. The GWL Voices Annual Dialogue aims to provide a dynamic platform where the voices and perspectives of women, experts, academics, and practitioners converge with the intricate fabric of international affairs.

As we stand at a crossroads of dynamic transformation in the world order, this two-day event endeavors to delve deep into critical global challenges, exploring the intersections of peace and security, climate change, new technologies, and the imperative for a new financial architecture from a women’s rights and gender equality perspective.

Women have consistently demonstrated their ability to foster collaboration, empathy, and inclusive decision-making. Yet, their representation and influence within the multilateral arena have been limited and largely insufficient. The GWL Voices Dialogue will discuss women’s participation in politics and all aspects of public life not merely as an issue of equality but as a strategic imperative to enhance institutions and democracies. Women must be equal partners in shaping the international order to ensure its legitimacy and effectiveness.

The GWL Voices Dialogue aims to provide a platform for people from diverse backgrounds – diplomats, scholars, activists, entrepreneurs, practitioners, and thought leaders – to engage in candid conversations that transcend borders and disciplines. Through insightful discussions, fireside chats, and networking opportunities, this event will pave the way for women to amplify their influence, contribute meaningfully to global challenges, and redefine narratives that guide our shared future.

Bridging Generations for a Lasting Impact Through Her Turn

A crucial element of the GWL Voices Dialogue is the intergenerational exchange that will take place within its halls. We aim to facilitate a dialogue that bridges the wisdom of experienced women leaders, academics, and practitioners with the innovative ideas and perspectives of young women. By creating a space for these generations to interact, learn from each other, and collaborate, we unlock a powerful force capable of driving lasting and profound change.

As we convene for this Dialogue, we acknowledge that the inclusion and empowerment of women extend beyond rhetoric; they are prerequisites for addressing the pressing issues of our time. From climate change to conflict resolution, from technological advancements and artificial intelligence to the architecture of global governance, women’s perspectives and leadership can ignite innovative solutions and chart a course toward a more just, equitable, and peaceful world.

Raising awareness of gender gaps and activating our network to increase equality

While the GWL Voices Dialogue is a closed event, one of its primary goals is to promote gender equality in international organizations based on evidence. To achieve this, GWL Voices will take this opportunity to launch “Women in Multilateralism 2024.”

This report will shed light on the systematic exclusion of women in the international system while advocating for GWL Voices’ main campaigns: “Gender Alternation at the UN Presidency of the General Assembly” (#GenderAlternationUNPGA) and “Madam Secretary-General” (#MadamSecretary-General).

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